Friday, September 3, 2010

Miss the emails?

Okay.  I’ve had a few complaints that Blogger doesn’t have an easy way to automatically send emails when I have new posts, like Wordpress does.  Granted, you can set up an RSS feed, but I will agree that those are not as convenient as emails.  Especially if you’re not really a blogger, and are only reading my blog because I begged you to.  Or because you’re my husband and you feel like you have to.

So.  Due to (almost) popular demand, I will start cross-posting again to both Blogger and Wordpress.  It will be the same content, so those of you who were already getting emails will still be getting emails.  Those of you who are following me on Blogger, or have the Blogger RSS feed set up, you will get the same posts there.

I hope this makes everyone happy!

(P.S. – Stay tuned later today for the next Farm Equipment Fridays!)


  1. I posted today about operating the combine and going to John Deere school to learn more about the Apex system we are starting to use in the combine! Like I said in my blog, "It's not for the faint of brain!"

    Have a great weekend!

  2. I am your newest follower via Leah Beyer's #FF. I'm a ND farm girl, wife and mother and will enjoy reading your blog. I'm interested in learning how to publish in both WP and Blogger?

  3. Lana - great post about the combine. I had no idea they were so complicated!

    Katie - I'm glad to have you here! Email me alarmclockwars at gmail dot com if you want to talk more about posting in both WP and Blogger.


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