Thursday, May 31, 2012

Where did it go?


May, that is.

Seriously? It’s the end of May already? And I’ve only blogged four times (including this post)?!

Oy. So much for weekly Remodel Mondays. Or weekly anything.

I feel like all I have been doing this month is unpacking/cleaning, finishing small projects at the house, laundry, and working on a paper I’m trying to finish up from my PhD research.

And, really, who wants to hear about any of that?

The remodel part of the house project was really neat… it was easy to photograph and to see changes from week to week. But now? Once the dresser is moved in, it’s just 7 loads of laundry, and then all the clothes are put away. Nothing to photograph except the dresser (that looks the same) and the empty boxes lying around.

Well, unless I happen to catch the laundry room in the middle of things… Load number 5 of the day is clean and folded, there’s laundry going in both the washer and dryer right now, and two more baskets of dirty clothes on the shelf. Yikes!

laundry day is every day

Why so much laundry? We’ve had a bunch of clothes and linens stored in the garage in various kinds of plastic tubs for 6 months. Technically, they’re clean, but they’re just a little bit icky. So, laundry room to the rescue!

(Oh, side note? Febreze Set & Refresh are amazing to keep the cat litter smell down in this little room. That, and Fresh Step Multi-Cat litter. The type of cat litter really does make a difference!)

We’re at the awkward stage of the home remodel where it feels like I’m putting in a lot of time and energy for not a lot of visible progress. But, when I open up that closet and see the full shelves, there’s my feeling of accomplishment! I guess.

Seriously, though, we’re to the touch-up-the-paint and treat-the-cedar-posts part of the remodel/move in. Projects that take a lot of sweat equity but really don’t photograph that well in an impressive before/after shoot.

Most days, I feel like I just want to curl up on the couch with my Kindle Fire and read. I’ll admit it… I read the entire Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy. I loved it, and I hated it… I loved to hate it…

And then I did more laundry. And took a nap.


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Friday, May 25, 2012

Those crazy calves

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I love being back home, even if things aren’t quite finished yet. One of my favorite things right now is sitting on our back porch and watching the cows.

(Does anyone who knew me in my pre-Indiana life think this is a funny statement?)

One of the construction projects that isn’t done yet is cleaning up the giant pile of dirt from digging the new basement.

It’s in the way of our view, but the cows and calves are loving it!

mountain climbing cows

They love to play king of the mountain.

calf party on the mountain

Every once in a while one of the momma cows will come along and be a little bit of a party-pooper.

“I see you up there, young man!”

i see you up there

“Don’t you make me climb this dirt pile!”

dont make me climb this

“Okay, fine, I’m coming down.” Pout.

im coming down

Those calves have it tough. Moms can be so mean.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Remodel Mondays – Work in progress


We’ve been moved in for three weeks, and we’re still in the process of getting cleaned up, unpacked, and settled in. I almost wish we had waited another week to move in so the little projects could really get finished, and I had some time to get the construction mess cleaned up. I have vacuumed and mopped these floors a million times since we moved in, and there’s always more mess to clean up!


So… still in progress… and quite a bit cluttered, for now… The eat-in kitchen with the china cabinet and the breakfast bar.

moved in kitchen 3

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Good roses and bad roses

We have two rose bushes in our yard. One is great, and I love it. The other, not so much…

I bought this yellow rose bush when I was living in an apartment in Lafayette. It stayed in its pot on my patio for a year or two, and it was planted here in 2007. It might have been 2008. I’m not sure. Anyway, it’s been in this spot for a couple of years. (And it survived a home renovation!)

yellow rose bush

It puts on these beautiful roses.

single yellow rose

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