Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Getting back in the saddle

Have you ever noticed that after you take a break from a routine, it’s hard to get it established again? 

For me, it has been dramatically noticeable with my stinking alarm clock.  Let’s just say that the sneaky snooze button has been overpowering me in the morning.  And getting up early to exercise?  NO WAY.  Absolutely not. 

Blogging is another area I’ve been having a bit of trouble getting back up and running.  I took a break while I was pushing against the deadline to finish my thesis.  The document has been turned into my committee, so that’s a relief, but now I’m working on my presentation for my defense on Monday.  Still busy, but not quite the same level of pressure.  However, I’m still having a hard time getting back into blogging!

Part of it is that I am working on my defense presentation, and trying to catch up on everything that got left behind during the Big Thesis Push of 2010.  Part of it is that I feel like I haven’t left this computer in weeks!  Who wants to hear about the latest research on a couple of proteins?  Who wants to hear about horse lungs?  (Frankly, even I don’t want to hear about it right now.)

Well, have no fear.  Defense on Monday.  Frantic thesis revisions and signature chasing Tuesday and Wednesday morning.  Electronically submit document Wednesday lunch time.  Sleep all Wednesday afternoon.  Back to Purdue on Thursday for deposit appointment and another round of paperwork.

Sleep all day Friday.

Football game Saturday.

Sleep all day Sunday.

And Monday?  Who knows what comes next!

(Of course, this is all assuming that things on Monday go well…  Send me your smart thoughts!)

What things are you having trouble picking back up?


  1. CLEANING! Going Jane introduced me to FlyLady, and I am going to give her a try. My house is so sad; I don't even like it that much right now! Hopefully it and my attitude will improve very soon. I think I blog sometimes because it is so much for fun than what I should be doing! Gotta find my grown-up responsible self PDQ!

  2. Cleaning is a great choice! I have trouble motivating myself to clean. Mostly it's because I have allergies and the whole thing makes me miserable.

    I'm having trouble motivating myself to study. Probably because this is my second try at passing the exam and I feel like I already know everything. But obviously, if I already knew everything, I wouldn't be taking the exam AGAIN. :)

    Good luck on Monday! Smart thoughts your way, but only after I use them for myself on Saturday!

  3. Cleaning is def HARD. Good luck on all your thesis-related "stuff!"


  4. Good luck with your defense. (I'm sure it will be better than Purdue's football defense.) :) Boiler Up!

  5. I hope that all went well with your presentation yesterday. :) Maybe once you're finially done, and able to relax you can get back to that alarm clock and everything else.

    Personally, I have given up on my alarm... I'm just too tierd in the morning, even when I go to bed early... tho I do wish I had the time to work out in the AM. Oh well...


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