Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy Holidays!

Okay, I know you’re not used to hearing from me.  I’ve been awfully silent these last few weeks.  But, I trust that you’ll welcome me back with open arms.  After all, I have pictures and cookies to share!!

And it is time for another Real Farmwives of America and Friends post!  (That’s me, in the back right.)

RFOAbadge Our farm really doesn’t have much going on at this time of year.  We have a small beef cow-calf farm (30-40 adult cows), and our calving season usually starts in February and goes until April or so.  Right now, we just have a bunch of fat pregnant cows roaming around, eating hay and cracked corn, hanging out being pregnant.  (Don’t let them fool you though, they’re not just pregnant – they are also fat!)

As long as we check on them (which I can do from my kitchen window!) a few times a day and feed them in the evenings, they’re pretty happy!

Hubby Doc and I have always gotten a cut tree.  (Really, we’ve had two Christmases together now.  So always doesn’t go back that far.)  Last year we had a cut tree.  And we have each had our own cut trees for a few years before that.  Anyway.

We are lucky enough to live 3 miles away from a Christmas tree farm!  Country Barn Christmas Tree Farm is just up the road from us, and we are friends with the owners.  This year we decided to go with a dug tree.  As much as I love almost everything about “real” Christmas trees, it always seems like such a shame to just throw the tree on the burn pile in January.  We got a smaller tree than normal, since it has the large root ball, instead of just a short tree stand. 

christmas tree 2010My current point-and-shoot camera really doesn’t do well in low light.  But Christmas tree pictures with the flash really don’t do things justice!  (Though if you look in this one, Martin’s tail is in the bottom right.  Silly cat.)

christmas tree 2010-2 Another cat, Pretzel, decided that she liked to sleep under the tree, on top of the root ball.  She’s naughty.  And she ran away from the tree before I could get a picture.

I also made cookies this year.  I always mean to, but I never quite get around to it.  This year I didn’t get around to it until the day after Christmas.  But, boy, did I get around to making cookies!

cookiesThere was still a tray of cookies left in the oven when I took this picture!  I think I was trying to make up for all the “no cookie” years in one fell swoop.  I made SEVEN batches of cookies.  At four dozen a batch.  And I know I’m in good company here…  How many cookies did you make for Christmas this year?

We gave a lot away (you’re welcome, Uncle Dave!), and froze a bunch.  And we ate lots.  As I’m writing this post, actually.  Come visit our farm anytime!  I’ll get some homemade cookies out of the freezer for you!

So…  Weight Watchers starts back up again tomorrow…

Happy Holidays!


  1. I am out of cookies and have been thinking I would bake some Maybe tonight New Years Eve. Hubby has a cold and he doesn't need to go out. I have a pizza in the oven it will be hot. Happy New Year to you and yours

  2. Ate the last cookie last night. Happy New Year to you and John.

  3. I think I may crumble up the rest of the cookies we have hanging around and feed them to the birds. Better than putting it on my "parts!"

    Love your tree!

    Happy New Year!

  4. Your tree looks great and your cookies look delish! Happy New Year!

  5. Beautiful tree and yummy cookies! Can't wait to meet in Atlanta! Safe travels.

  6. Were in the second week of january
    But happy new year!!!


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