Friday, September 16, 2011

NOW I feel like a farmwife!

I’ve been a farmwife for two years. But I’ve been driving this…altima sm …and it’s just hard to feel like a farmwife when you’re driving an Altima named “Chip.” Don’t get me wrong. That car has surely done it’s duty. I bought it in 2002 with 18,0000 miles, and now it has 165,000 miles. It has gone the distance, and been very loyal.

But it was time for an upgrade.

So we did.

And now I drive this…expedition smYippie! This week we bought a Ford Expedition! This is quite a bit different than the Altima, and I love it so much!

It has a sunroof (which I open every chance I get).sunroof smThere’s a rear entertainment center. Which won’t do me much good when I’m driving by myself. But someone has already asked if they could watch dirty movies in the back. My answer was NO.dvd player smNot only does it have heated leather seats, it has air-conditioned leather seats! Who knew that you needed air-conditioned seats? I never knew it, but I totally need them!air conditioned seats smThe third row seat is actually quite roomy, and there is plenty of room for storage with the seats up.rear seats sm And the third row seats fold flat (with just the push of a button!) for a ton of storage! The second row also folds flat, just in case you need to haul a boat. Or a house.rear storage smIt has a trailer hitch, too, so that might be the better way to haul the boat. But it would fit inside!

Good bye, Chip… I will miss you. You have done well, and I will always remember you.

It will make me a little sad to sell you, but just a little.


  1. I saw you leave in that spiffy vehicle after the meeting Wednesday. It is nice. Congrats on the upgrade!

  2. Awesome! I have an Explorer and I love it - had it since '05 and put a 100,000 miles on it and I still love it!

  3. Congrats! I went from mini van to an Expedition too and the 4x4 is what gets me one step closer to feeling ilke a farm wife. Now if I can just work on the cooking part, but I think that's a lost cause. Is it just me or are they fun to drive too!?!? ;)

    Sherry @ City Chic on a Farm

  4. Nice, but only one's a dark color so it will always look dirty from being on the farm. Oh well, that's what we get for lovin' the country life!

  5. Yesterday our barn lot would not have looked like much of a farm if the combine hadn't been out being worked on. My truck is not playing nicely lately so it's waiting for parts to arrive. Grandpa doesn't have a truck of his own, and Dad brought my 20 month old son down to give Mom a babysitting break in the afternoon which means he brought the car instead of his truck because he needed the car seat for the little guy.

    So anyone driving by our farm yesterday may have thought there were no farmers on hand based on the fact the only vehicles were a Chevy Traverse, a Cadillac CTS, and a Jaguar sedan.

  6. Good looking SUV. You can haul a lot of equipment in there. Have fun

  7. I sooooo need A/C in my seats! You haven't lived until you drive the mini van out to the field to serve lunch! ;-) Welcome to the truck/SUV/Noncar club! ;-)

  8. Nice car!! Air conditioned seats - didn't even know that was possible but is sounds awesome!

    Sarah from The House That Ag Built


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