Monday, March 18, 2013

Verizon Wireless Hotspot

Home internet. So many choices, options, pay structures! Who knows where to even start? This Samsung Hotspot is a quick and easy fix for some super-fast data speed from Verizon Wireless. And the best part? It’s portable!

Samsung hot spot
I had this Samsung Hotspot from Verizon Wireless to try at home. And in the car. And in hotels. And anywhere else I wanted to go. It’s perfectly pocket-sized, so it really can go anywhere you go! (Here is is next to my Droid RAZR for some size comparison.)

Samsung hot spot with Droid RAZR
I’ve used a Verizon Wireless hotspot for our home internet for years. But I still had one of their original hotspots, and it only was able to access their 3G service. And when your 3G speeds look like this…

3G speeds
And your 4G speeds look like this…

4G speeds
It really is a no-brainer that it’s time to upgrade. Especially when you’re online all the time. Like I am. (Want to check your speeds? Download the free SpeedTest app!)

I fired up the new 4G-compatible Hotspot and we went to town! Here’s the wireless signal on the other side of the same room.

WiFi signal same room
And the signal a couple of rooms down, and through a few walls. Can’t beat that! (Check out the free WiFi Analyzer app, too!)

WiFi signal next room
(P.S. Notice the battery level in those screenshots? Yep, I still miss the RAZR MAXX… My favorite phone. Ever…)

This hotspot can connect to up to 5 wireless devices. We used it (among other things) to stream HD movies to our Smart TV. Great picture, great sound… no issues with pausing or skipping.
You can use this baby anywhere you can have a Verizon Wireless signal! Traveling outside a 4G coverage area? No worries – the hotspot will pick up 3G signal, too.

I love the Verizon Wireless hotspots. They are great for travel (who wants to pay $12+ a day for wireless access in an airport or hotel?) and for everyday use at home!

While this exact hotspot is not available any more, Verizon Wireless still offers plenty of options. And these newer hotspots have longer battery lives, and can connect up to ten devices!

{Thanks to Verizon Wireless for the use of this Samsung Hotspot. All thoughts and opinions are my own.}


  1. Interesting. We have AT&T and our hotspot is directly through out phone. No additional device needed and we can do up to 5 devices as well.

    I keep forgetting to ask Matt if him and John talked more about the Cell Phone Booster at Spring Conference. I know they were going to but then a session started and I don't know if the conversation picked back up or not.

  2. We now have the hotspot and our little town just became 4G!!!! Can't believe how fast it is!

  3. Carla - Our phones can be hotspots too, but then I think they can't be used as actual phones while they are hotspots. For us, as our main internet source at home, using the phones as hotspots just didn't make sense. Glad it's working for you!

  4. You will love it! There is no looking back from 4G!

  5. Awesome post! Now I'm going to be challenged to make my own ypost about the MIFI we took to Florida! Neat techy shots!


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