Monday, August 9, 2010

It’s Indiana State Fair Day!

Today’s the day!

Thanks to the Indiana Soybean Alliance, my hubby and I and some of my bloggy friends are headed to the Indiana State Fair today with some complimentary tickets.

We’ll get some behind the scenes views of what goes on at the fair, and have some yummy fair food.  (Nothing like a day at the fair to make you decide that TOMORROW is the day to start watching what you eat!)

I’ll be Twittering about the goings-on, so be sure to watch the Twitter feed here.  Or, better yet, just go ahead and follow me on Twitter!  Later this week I’ll be blogging about what we did in a little more detail than the Twitter adventures.

If you haven’t entered yet, don’t forget to enter for the Indiana State Fair Ticket Giveaway here, and at my GOODe friend’s sites!  You can enter until midnight tonight (Eastern time), and I’ll announce the winner at noon on Tuesday.  (And, yes, if you entered at the WordPress site, you’re still entered.)

1 comment:

  1. Hey Marybeth! Good to meet you too! Sorry I was
    practically comatose when we spoke....such a long day!
    Have fun at the fair..I have fair envy right now.
    The "fair train" runs about a half mile from my house and I hear it tooting its horn all the time....we're going to go..just not sure when. :)


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