Friday, August 6, 2010

It’s time for a change

I have made a decision.

(Well, I have made more than one today.  Like to get my Starbucks extra hot instead of regular.  But this is the one that pertains to you.)

I am moving to Blogger.

That’s right, I will no longer be posting to WordPress.

I have been cross-posting for some time, but I am tired of that, so I am officially moving.

Since you’re already here, you must know how to find me already!

For those of you who get the email updates from my WordPress blog, there is an RSS Feed you can subscribe to on the new site.  (Look for “On Your Own Time” on the right.)

I’m also on Twitter now!  Still playing with this a bit, so stay tuned for the tweeting fun!


  1. I made the change to my blog to reflect it! I like Blogger, but I've never tried anything else.

  2. I think you will like Blogger. There a lot more options available to you on blogger then wordpress. Good Luck! And We will miss you on Tuesday!!


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