Monday, April 4, 2011

It’s so pretty…

And it actually works!

Way back a million years ago, my dishwasher revolted. It became a dish-dirtier.

Okay. It wasn’t a million years ago. It was not quite eleven months ago. But it feels like a million years.

Because we have been sans dishwasher ever since.

Until last Thursday!dishwasher 1We have a pretty new Kenmore dishwasher!

It has all these fancy options!dishwasher 2

It is so clean and pretty inside!dishwasher 3

The silverware basket is tucked in along the side, and has lids for the little things that can get tossed around.dishwasher 8

The top and bottom racks both have tines that will stand up straight… dishwasher 6

…or will fold down if you need more tine-free room!dishwasher 7

It has TurboZone washing for those hard to clean, stuck on messes!dishwasher 4

And it even has a gauge to see how much rinse aid is left in the machine!dishwasher 5

And the best part? It actually washes dishes! I’ve run it three times since Thursday!

Let me tell you… This made my weekend! Even though it took all afternoon Thursday to get it installed. (To be fair, there were a few interruptions from other projects. More on that later…)


  1. Love my dishwasher! Never want to leave without one again! :)

  2. WOO HOO! I know it is still seen as a luxury by some, but it is a life-saver for the rest of us.

  3. ENJOY! Of all the things I would be willing to live without my dishwasher is not one of them! And enjoy the fact that you only have to use it 3 times in 4 days - there are days I have to run mine 3 times in one day!

  4. I have a dishwasher and every time it runs out of the Jet Dry it leaves the dishes dripping wet. Need it to dry those pieces in the dish washer

  5. I thought you had a dishwasher named John. :-)

  6. Very nice. although you know your an adult when you get excited over kitchen appliances. :)

  7. Dishwashers rule! And did you know that modern dishwashers are supposed to be more efficient and use less water than handwashing our dishes?


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