Thursday, May 5, 2011

It’s lawnmower season

Last week, we had a dry day in the middle of the rain. Farmer Doc hadn’t had a chance to mow the lawn yet this year, and things were getting a bit unruly out there. So he took the dry-ish opportunity to get the lawnmower out and get some work done.

out of the gateYes, I think it is safe to say we had passed the time to start mowing the lawn this year.big differenceHe had to take a break to get the blackberry branches back up in the fence. We will use these blackberries to make our world-famous (well, Southwest Indiana-famous, anyway) homemade blackberry ice cream all summer.

Every fall, we say we are going to redo this fence. Every spring, we wish we had redone it. Watch out for the thorns, honey!blackberriesCody and Sadie are pretty happy that they don’t have to walk through a forest every day anymore. Good dogs!happy dogsHe was doing such a good job (and my light was fading), that I thought it was safe to go inside and relax.good jobThen I saw a tractor drive by the front of the house.

I know what that means.

Someone got the lawnmower stuck. In the fence. The electric fence.stuck in fenceYep, it’s lawnmower season, all right!lawnmower and tractor


  1. Blackberry ice cream?? Drool...

  2. Too funny ! I am all the time getting too close to things when I mow: bumping fence posts, the swing set, and the occasional auger! That red paint really shows up on the green mower! DANG!

    Enjoy the drier weather while we have it!

  3. My lawn mower just seem to run into things or get stuck.


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