Thursday, May 26, 2011

Storm damage

Last night, we had a tornado watch in our area. We were very lucky in that there was no actual tornado and we had no damage to our home or property. But we had a few tense minutes!

I was out of town on Monday night (once I finally got out of the house!). When I talked to Hubby Doc Tuesday morning, he told me that there were strong winds on Monday night and we had a limb down in the backyard.

This is what I expected to find when I got home on Tuesday afternoon.little limbSomething small and manageable, no big drama.

I found that. I found this, too.big limb 2Um, that’s not a limb. That’s a tree.big limbThe mommy tree was far enough away from the house that it was not in any serious danger from the falling baby tree. That is one heck of a bird falling out of a nest!

The same tree had some damage in a storm last year, and part of the top was already knocked out. Now it really looks top tree 2(Psst… See the clothes line in that picture? That’s the topic for the next post…)

Poor tree. Poor yard. I wonder what we will do with this giant “limb” laying in the backyard? Eventually Hubby Doc will need to mow the lawn again…no top tree


  1. Well you could treat it like a piece of farm equipment and mow around it ;-) Wish you could see our cows in the pasture. I've never seen such frisky things, or maybe I am just seeing them for the first time now that we have such easy access from the sun room windows! They are cracking me up with all their chasing and butting heads. Hope the weekend calms down for you!

  2. Glad we missed the worst part just more rain. I hear that someplaces in Indiana need rain just not us

  3. Cut the whole tree does look silly and it seems to not be doing so well in the may have to cut it down after the next storm.

  4. Just found your blog. Love it! I'm your newest follower.


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