Monday, November 7, 2011

These boots have done their walking

I have this pair of Merrill hiking boots. I got them during my residency, and they have worked hard.

They have been worn on 16-hour shifts, working in the large animal hospital. They have been worn at 2am to see an emergency in the middle of the night. They have been worn at 10pm when the work isn’t done for the day yet.

They have been in horse manure, sheep manure, cow manure, alpaca manure, and dog poop.

(I had a different pair of boots I wore when I helped cows give birth. THAT is a different kind of mess…)

Now they mostly sit in the corner and collect cat hair.
boots in corner

The cats are fans of these boots. Something about the smell of all that poop is just so great to rub on.
cats love boots
The cats love these boots so much, they wait in line to be the next one who gets rubbing rights!
in line for boots

I do still wear them occasionally.
wearing boots out
But they are far from water-resistant anymore. That big hole in the left one just lets in water like a thirsty camel. (Yes, they do drink that much.)
hole in my boot
Have I mentioned mud? No? This was right outside my truck door. I did not pick the best place to park. And this is not the worst of it. I almost lost a boot in the mud in our cow pasture once. Really, the mud was so deep and so thick that I walked right out of my boot!!
misstep in the mud
So, clearly, now that I am done with my residency and my PhD, and I spend considerably less time around manure of any kind, I need a new pair of boots!

These babies from Nocona have caught my eye…

Nocona cowboy boots
Seriously? I’m in love. The high top, the inch and a half heel, the blue and purple details… Can a pair of cowboy boots get any better? I used to wear cowboy boots ALL THE TIME in high school and college. (In New Jersey and Massachusetts? You betcha. Now that I live in Indiana, where they would actually fit in, I don’t have a pair that fits.)

Think those Nocona boots are slick? Check out their online retailer, The Boot Barn, for more options… I promise you’ll find a pair that you love, too.

Now for the important part of this post. Some of the Real Farmwives of America & Friends are having a contest! We’re trying to see who has the biggest boot boo-hoo, and who deserves a new pair of Nocona cowboy boots the most! Please head over to the Real Farmwives webpage, and vote for me. I can’t hang out in those falling-apart Merrell’s for much longer!

But wait… there’s more! Nocona has teamed up with the Real Farmwives to give away a pair of boots to one of our readers! You can enter to win a pair of Nocona Boots from their Women’s Legacy or Fashion lines for yourself on the Real Farmwives’ webpage, too!

To win a pair of Nocona Boots for yourself please go to and vote for me. If I get the most votes I'll win a pair of boots and one of our readers will be randomly drawn to win a pair for themselves!


  1. Wha?!

    You don't have a pair of cowboy boots? This is....inconceivable! How is it that you are not wearing a pair right now? I have a very difficult time picturing you without a pair of cowboy boots.

    I say you definitely deserve some cowboy boots. A) you used to wear them all the time. B) I think the cats stole your other boots, and let's face it, they are no longer practical to wear. and C) What kind of mid-westerner are you?!

    Let's get you some boots STAT!

    BTW...I have a pair of cowboy boots. And I live in New England! ha!

  2. SERIOUSLY? How have you gotten by? j/k but need a good pair of boots. You will kick yourself in the tush after you do own a pair for not buying a pair sooner.
    Guess you really need to win that you definately have my vote!
    If I screwed up...let me know and I will get it fixed IMMEDIATELY! because you need to win those boots!

  3. It was such a surprise to my husband too! But, got so many great laughs and great memories! I am originally from Indiana and I am also a "transplant", but to South Dakota! Loved reading your boot story!


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