Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Hanging out with Martin

Sometimes, your back is cold but your toes are hot.under covers
Sometimes, you need to sleep upside down to keep your nose tucked under your tail.sleeping upside down

Sometimes you just need a place to hang out.hanging out

And sometimes you get mad when that lady with the camera wakes you up from your nap with your binky. awake

Linked to Wordless/Wordy Wednesdays @ Pinke Post.


  1. I love to watch my cat just be a cat!

  2. Haha i was laughing so hard! That last picture is just soooo very funny!

    Big hugs

  3. You should see my cat right now. She's all snuggled up to the chair in the office at 3:00 a.m. just so she can be close to me. She has her own chair, completely covered (well kind of anyway) in her fur. The hubby is none too happy with that, but such is life with a cat. I should go get my camera! Maybe we should have a Blog about your Pet day! Maybe I should go back to bed for a while? :-)


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