Monday, February 20, 2012

Remodel Mondays – I can see clearly now

Because we have windows! Whee!
Yes, all of our new windows are in, and I’m so excited! We went with 3 foot wide by 5 foot tall windows in most places, so there is a ton of natural light windows 2
This is the eat-in part of the kitchen.The smaller window that you can see to the left is actually in the mudroom. There will be a door between the mudroom and the kitchen. I’m pretty excited to have a room dedicated to just mud. Hubby Doc can really make a mess when he puts his mind to kitchen 9
This is the “kitchen” part of the kitchen. The sink will go under the window here, the cabinets will wrap around the corner to the right and onto the peninsula in the front of the photo. A peninsula! Yay!
new kitchen 10
This sliding glass door is just to the left of the kitchen (from the photo above) and will go out to the back porch. I can’t wait to have a back porch for drinking coffee first thing in the morning.back porch 25
Although with all these windows and natural light in our master bedroom (complete with sitting area), I may not need to go outside to enjoy the view!master bedroom 9
This is going to be my office. I’ll probably be super-productive in here. (Seriously? My view is going to be great. But not as good as from the porch… maybe I’ll have a traveling office!)new 3 bedroom 2
There’s even a new window in my new (main floor) laundry room!new laundry 2
And the doors and window have been put in the new basement. This will open to our walk-out patio. That’s a muddy pit right now, but with plenty of gravel and retaining walls it will be a great basement 64
I’m still waiting on siding… Bueller? Apparently the weather isn’t “right” for siding… whatever that means. There’s some dirt work to do around the house so the base and decking for the porches can get put in, and the electrical and plumbing work needs to get finished up. Then insulation, and drywall, and painting! I think it’s getting closer… Our contractor says we will be painting in less than 30 days.
Anyone have ideas on paint colors?


  1. GO with FUN colors.  I'm soooo tired of the beige we put in the dining and living room, or at least accent with bright yellows, greens, purples, and blues....oh wait... those are the colors I like :-)  LOVE all your windows.  My sunroom windows are in, at least the top ones, but they have to come back to put the base windows in, little ones, because they were the wrong size.  Already saw a difference in that they didn't all fog up when we used the hot tub the last two nights. 

    Are you going to foam insulate?  I highly recommend it!  Very tight, no drafts!  LOVE it!

  2. I love natural, earthy tones for wall color and then like Lana said accenting with color on the walls or with furniture. I found this color that I just fell in love with from Glidden - its called Cookie Crumb! Have fun! 

  3. We won’t be doing much beige or white, I’m not much of a neutral girl. I’m a fan of the jewel tones myself. ;) I’m glad your sunroom windows are in. Must be nice to do some hot-tubbing this time of year! To be honest, I’m not sure about the insulation... I’m leaving that part up to the boys. There’s styrofoam on the outside of the house, and mainly roll insulation inside. I think they are doing some spray right around the windows and doors, but I don’t know for sure.

  4. Thanks, I’ll be sure to check it out!

  5. I love picking out paint and color palettes!  For some good inspiration check out Design Seeds:


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