Monday, February 6, 2012

Remodel Monday – Porches galore

One thing I have been wanting on this house since the beginning is a great front porch. We’re building that, and then some!

remodelmonbadgeFirst, the front porch. This has been the easy part. You can see where the roof is notched out where the porch is going to sit. You can also see that you need to walk the plank just to get into the house.

front porch 6

That dog that’s next to the door in the photo above? Her name is Sadie and her back comes up to my knees. She’s not a small dog, and the step into the house is bigger than her. I’m hoping the steps get put back soon…

Here’s the front porch with the roof structure in place. It completely changes the look of the house, and I’m so excited to be able to sit our here with a cup of coffee and enjoy our view!

front porch 14The back porch has not been quite as simple. First, they drilled holes for the posts, and brought the concrete truck in to pour the foundations. (The same thing happened in the front, but uneventfully.)

back porch 4When they were digging the foundation holes, they hit the water line that goes from our well to the house. Remember all the well problems we’ve had? I had nightmares.

back porch 8They managed to get it fixed, but it did set us back a day or so.

Once the foundations were in place, they started to put the roof structure along the back of the house. Then they built the framework for our mudroom addition (to the left of the photo).

back porch 10There was some heated discussion about whether or not the original roof plan was going to work… In the end it did all work out, but not without a little bit of yelling.

We are going to have three exits onto this porch – one from the mudroom, a sliding glass door from the kitchen, and a door from our bedroom. Talk about a great place for coffee!

back porch 15John found a horseshoe in the dirt when he was cleaning up. He hung it on one of the back porch posts to ward off any more bad luck.

back porch 16

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