Monday, September 24, 2012

Porch furniture

All this travel has finally caught up to me. I’ve been sick. Coughing until I can’t breathe sick. So I took last week off, more or less. Anyway, I didn’t write anything for any of my blogs. It was a barren week.

Finally, I’m starting to feel more like a person! Well, at least when I can see through the haze of non-drowsy decongestants and NyQuil. So, only sometimes.

Here’s one thing that we did manage to get accomplished between trips to Indianapolis and Washington, DC this summer – new furniture for our porch!

table and chairs

We had inherited a set from my in-laws, and it is a great little set, but we were looking for something more comfy. My parents said they would chip in for a new set as our housewarming present, so we went shopping during the Labor Day clearance sales!

We fit 6 large chairs, a full-size table, 2 side tables, and a deck box in the back of my Expedition. (Some assembly required.)

building patio furniture

Who am I kidding. ALL assembly required. And we used my Expedition as a work table. Which was fine. Except flies got in. Which was not fun during my drive the next day. Ah well. The price we pay for comfort!

We started off with two of the chairs, the table, and the deck box. (Yes, that’s a piece of siding that fell off the house. It’s been fixed. Ick.)

part of patio set

We got the deck box so we could stash the cushions during storms. Too bad for us we have 6 chairs, and the deck box just barely fits 3 cushions. Guess we didn’t plan that one too well!

deck box

Farmer Doc put together two more chairs while I worked on dinner. We still have two more chairs and the side tables to put together. But, honestly? They don’t really fit on the porch right now. We have plans to expand with a deck off the back soon, and then we’ll have plenty of space. For now, the extra chairs and tables are sitting in boxes in the garage.

table and chairs

And the original porch furniture? It moved to the front porch. Now we have a little café in the front, and a comfy hang out place in the back!

patio cafe

Just in time for fall… That’s what sweatshirts and blankets are for!

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