Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Gardening carnage

Yesterday I decided the weeds in my peonies and irises were out of control and were driving me crazy.  I mean, really, is this not ridiculous?  The weeds are taking over the world!

But I showed them who is boss!

Ahh...  much better already!  I cut the bulk of that drama down by half!  Now it's just for those dead blossoms hanging on...  (It was starting to get a bit dark by this time.  I had to do some serious photo-tweaking to make this come out.)

While I was at it, I also deadheaded the roses that are just outside of this picture, too.  And this is what the carnage looked like by the time I was finished.

Would you believe this only took me 30 minutes?  Pictures and everything!  And the dogs barked at me the whole time.  You can see them in the background of some of the pictures.  They don't like it when I go in "their" yard.  I just ignore them.  They don't scare me.

They don't scare me...  much.  Except at feeding time.

But that is some drama for a different post...

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