Tuesday, May 25, 2010

More troubles with ditches

Apparently my husband and I are compatible on multiple levels.  We both have issues with "staying on the beaten path," so to speak.  Two weekends ago, he mowed the lawn.  He does this every weekend, usually without incident.  This particular time, there was an incident.

We have these deep ditches that run along the length of the driveway on both sides.  They are tough to mow, and he drives pretty close to the ditch to mow as much as possible with our mower.  Usually, there's no problems with this.  This time, he got a bit too close to the ditch.

(The following story is actually remarkably similar to what happened to my poor little car not too long ago.  Just without the mud.  And without the water.  And this time I took pictures.)

John drove the lawnmower into the ditch.  He thought I wouldn't notice.  But he had to come up to the barn to get the tractor, and I saw him out the window.  So I went to see what all the fuss was about.

This is what the fuss was about.


He had been trying to get out so hard that he dug a hole in the gravel driveway.  (I did this in the mud.  At least he didn't spray mud all over the mower like I did with the car!)

So he went to get the tractor to pull the poor mower out of the ditch.

Here comes the tractor!

He hooked the back of the mower to the front of the tractor.  (That big spike is a bale spear.  We normally use this tractor to feed big round bales of hay to the cows.  Today it has a new job.)

And he lifted the mower up with the tractor to pull it out of the ditch.  My car got lifted higher than this.  And I was still sitting inside it.  (Remember those shoes I was wearing?  No way I was getting out of the car!)

He pulled the mower back out of the ditch, and aimed to go up the driveway.

Except the mower got a bit crazy, and didn't want to go straight.

I was pretty sure it was going to end up in the other ditch.  (This is how my car ended up in the ditch in the first place.)

But he got it away from the other side.

And it ended up going back up the driveway relatively straight.
He made it back to the top of the driveway with no further incident.  Then he found out that one of the mower blades was bent, and the drive belt was broken.  So a trip to the lawnmower repair store was next in line.  He brought back the bits and pieces, and fixed the mower, and finally finished the lawn.  Just like driving home from Evansville by way of the mud, mowing the lawn took about three times longer than it was supposed to this time!

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