Friday, May 21, 2010

Trying something new

I haven't played with Blogger very much yet.  It seems that WordPress has some nice features that Blogger does not, and also vice versa.  I am going to cross-post to both sites at the same time for a while to see which I like better.  Check me out on both sites, and let me know if there is one that is more reader-friendly for you!
Alarm Clock Wars on Blogger
Alarm Clock Wars on WordPress


  1. I love blogger. I couldn't figure out how to follow your wordpress blog. And I use Windows Live Writer to write my posts - so much easier.

    I had to laugh when you mentioned flylady. I have tried it, not once, but TWICE and failed. :) I am horrible at sticking to things, which is probably why I'm so disorganized!

  2. The follow feature is one of the things I'm not crazy about at WordPress. I have it set up so you can get emails when I post (with the content in the email, and a link to the site) - it's the "Watch the Clock" spot. Or you can enter the address into your blogger "Add" blogs to follow. Which is what most of my Blogger followers have done.

    And hey, you never "fail" at FlyLady, you just fall off the wagon for a short time!


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