Monday, December 12, 2011

Ready, set, remodel!

About a month ago, we started on our home renovation. This is a serious renovation. The entire house is getting taken down to the studs, walls rearranged, electricity and plumbing re-run, and an addition. We’re not kidding around. When we do things here in Southern Indiana, we do them big.

I’ve been taking tons of pictures, and am going to be sharing these during Remodel Mondays!exterior stone 5
We have been talking about this project and working on the plans for the house since May. All of a sudden, in the first week of November, everyone (except us) was ready to get started!

We had a week to get the house completely emptied.full 1 office

We moved into the very unfinished apartment above our vet 5
We (and by “we,” I mostly mean “my husband”) are doing most of the demolition ourselves. We had to get started on the demo lickety-split, while we were getting the unfinished apartment into a more finished state.exterior demo 18
Did I mention that we are gutting the kitchen? Yes, we did just refinish half of the kitchen cabinets last spring. Did I mention that I don’t care? I am so excited to demo the kitchen!demo kitchen 5
Um, yes. Down to the studs. Hello, other side of the house!demo office 5

There’s lots to come… stay tuned for Remodel Mondays! I’m thinking of turning this into a linky… Do you have any remodel projects you’re working on that you’d like to share?


  1. FUN! But I will also say a prayer for you as I have been thru the whole remodel process where you have to move out - I am impressed you got a weeks notice - I got a whole hour to clean out the kitchen to rip it off and pack the house and 3 little kids to move that day!

  2. I'll join in if I can talk about all the tings we've done in the past year or so. Still need to get our bedroom built downstairs so the girls can each have their own room. Rumor has it, though, that is a couple years down the road. Stay tuned!

  3. Been there but love to see all the things people do to their homes I guess it is the decorator in me that does that I will be following you

  4. How exciting! It took me a minute to orient myself in the photo of the studs. That's a BIG change. I'm looking forward to seeing the progress.

    I won't have much myself to contribute to a linky party tho... there is that whole renting thing to contend with there. But I would love to see what other people are doing.

  5. You are a brave soul!
    I've always dreamed of gutting a house (usually when I'm watching This Old House). But, I don't see that ever actually happening.
    I hope it goes smoothly!


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