Friday, April 13, 2012

Little boys all grown up

During calving season last spring, we had to do a C-section on one of our cows. The surgery was successful, and Charlie the bull calf was born. charlie bottle-2

In November 2011, we loaded up our bull calves and sent them to Purdue’s Indiana Beef Evaluation Program in Bedford, IN. We had to pay to send the bulls there, but they took great care of our boys and also collected a lot of data about rate of weight gain and growth.

At the end of the program (about 5 months) they host a sale of all the bulls. They have criteria for which bulls make the sale, and unfortunately Charlie didn’t quite fit the bill. I think he didn’t grow quite fast enough, but to be honest I’m not sure of the details.

Since Charlie didn’t make the sale, we had to find our own buyer for him. We did that, without much trouble, but Charlie had to leave the test farm before his new home was going to be ready. So he got to come home to visit for a few days!
Charlie came home
He’s all grown up, and a pretty good looking bull!
grown up Charlie

If you’re handsome and you know it clap your hands… clap your hooves… um, maybe just moo…
Charlie poses

The ear tag we put in when he was born was taken out and replaced with a different identification tag at the test. He was their bull number 75.

Here’s his brand from the test. It has the logo of the farm and the number 12 for the year.
bull IBEP brand

Hubby Doc loaded him back into our trailer a few days later.
Charlie finds a new home

And off he went to his new home.
goodbye Charlie

I’m told that as soon as he was let out in the pasture with his new girlfriends they mobbed him… He’s going to be very popular and very busy over the next few weeks!

Goodbye Charlie, and good luck!

We do have one bull in the sale. Here’s his sale video.


  1. Congrats on your sale.  We just sold a cow and calf in the Southern Indiana Angus Sale and I am HAPPY!

  2. Ok, I'm giggling as I type this, but does the red paddle mean stop and the green mean go?  Just kidding!  He looks like a good one, and Charlie is going to be a great Daddy to many many calves.  :-)

  3. Ha! I have no idea... But I wondered the same thing myself! I wonder if#73 is color blind?


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