Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Remodel Monday – Kitchen cabinets

Okay, this is actually Remodel Tuesday. But yesterday I posted with some of my other Real Farmwives about some great Carhartt gear for the guys. (Did I mention that there is a Carhartt giveaway going on right now?)

The cabinets are here, the cabinets are here! I’m so excited… I’ve been waiting for this part for so long!
I was really nervous when there were two boxes that wouldn’t even fit in the door…
new kitchen 38
Luckily, when we opened them up they turned out to be the corner Lazy Susans. These corner cabinets are shaped funny, and when we took them out of the box the guys were able to slip them through the front door. Yay!
new kitchen 42

I was a bit overwhelmed when the delivery guys unloaded the truck… There were a lot of boxes! And there were more stacked out in the hallway… and those giant Lazy Susans in the front room… It was a bit of an obstacle course.
new kitchen 48

But it all came together beautifully. (Did I mention that I painted my kitchen blue? The color is actually called “Silverado,” and I was a bit nervous at first. I’ve decided that I like it, and the cabinets and tile have calmed the blue down a bit… And I’m not painting it again!)
new kitchen 51

The sink and dishwasher will go in the space on the left of the photo. The oven will go where the step ladder is sitting now.

This is the refrigerator nook. I am promised that when the refrigerator is in place (next week!) those overhead cabinets won’t look out of place. Here’s hoping!
new kitchen 52

And now to highlight some of the neat features… We have a cabinet to make a countertop microwave look like it was built-in.
new kitchen 56

There’s a double pull-out garbage drawer. This is going to do wonders for keeping the cats out of my trash cans.
new kitchen 55

One of the giant Lazy Susans has two rotating trays. The other has a recycling center – three garbage cans on a spinning rack, perfect for all your recycling collecting!
new kitchen 54

We got one cabinet with pull-out shelves for our larger pots and pans and whatever small appliances we think need to go in here.
new kitchen 57

I’m really looking forward to arranging my new kitchen. Anyone want to come help me unpack? Our target date is 4/18!


  1. Wow, that kitchen is huge!! Love it! 

  2. Just wait until next week when I show off the appliances!

  3. Thanks! I can’t wait to show off the before and after photos – this kitchen is unrecognizable!

  4. I'm jealous!  I want your slide out drawers!  BUT GUESS WHAT??  I got to make two phone calls this week!  One for a deck to go on off the sun room this summer, AND another to start our new master bedroom DOWNSTAIRS next year!  WOOOO!  I haven't forgot the kitchen though!  SHhhhh....we haven't shared that with the rest of the family yet ;-)

  5. Woo hoo for remodeling! Good luck with your secret kitchen makeover! :)

  6. Changing kitchen cabinet can improve the overall look of your kitchen, giving a comfortable place to cook and eat.



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