Monday, April 2, 2012

Carhartt for the boys

Er, men.

Last fall, we had a great partnership with Carhartt where the Real Farmwives got to show off some of Carhartt’s new women’s line. Now it’s the guys’ turn… Carhartt partnered with the Real Farmwives again for the men in their life (the Real Farmers? The Real Farmhusbands?) – the guys got a chance to try out some of Carhartt’s spring line early!

And want to know the best news? Carhartt and the Real Farmwives have a giveaway for you! Check out the Real Farmwives website and enter for a chance to win some Carhartt gear for your guy!

Hubby Doc tried out the Astoria Jacket in black. He’ll be the first to tell you that he’s a big guy, and needs a big jacket. We did have a bit of a hard time finding a jacket that was available in the 2X size he was looking for. But, Carhartt came through with this choice.

Even though this March has been unbelievable warm, it still is cool in the mornings and evenings around here. And I may have mentioned before that it gets just a tad windy up on our hill, so the jacket has come in handy on a few occasions. The farm dogs take their pills/treats every night. (They’re such good girls!)

feeding dogs

It seems like there is going to be dirt work that needs to be done on our farm forever. Here, Hubby Doc is using the skid steer to fill the new drainage trenches from our home remodel with gravel and dirt.

home remodel

Our water situation is a little less than ideal. Right now, we have to run a hose across the driveway from the barn to the cow pasture. We keep the hose hooked up to an automatic filler most of the time, but we were expecting a big delivery truck the next morning and didn’t want the truck to ruin our hose. So off it came…

watering cows

He’s such a good hose-roller. Mine never ends up this neat.

rolling hose

He wore it out one morning to check on a brand-new baby calf.

checking calves

His only issue with the jacket was that it rode up in the back a little bit. He would have liked if the jacket was just a little bit longer (although the sleeves are fine). He has this problem with lots of shirts and jackets… I guess that kind of thing happens when you’re 6’4”!

back of jacket

I even managed to catch him moving the vacuum cleaner into the new house so we could do some floor prep in the bedrooms!

carrying vacuum

(Just in case you were worried, that new baby calf did just fine!)

new calf

Don’t forget to stop by the Real Farmwives of America to enter for a chance to win some Carhartt gear!

(While Carhartt did provide us with this jacket to review, the photographs and opinions are our own.)


  1. Gourdgal40agmail.comApril 2, 2012 at 10:29 PM

    It that a bull calf  He is wrinkling up his nose the way the Big Bulls do  Just curious


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