Friday, February 15, 2013

Random Friday

What's rambling through my head this week…
  1. I have a slightly addictive personality. I have been known to crash on the couch and watch a full season of Downton Abbey in two days. Or to burrow down and plow through the entire Twilight series in 5 days. Seriously. Twice. Over this past weekend, I sat still with a book, a blanket, a cat, and a cup of coffee for 6 hours on Saturday and 8 hours on Sunday. And I was thrilled! Smile
  2. I lost my activity tracker in (literally) knee-deep mud out in the cow pasture. Believe it or not, I found it the next morning! (Thanks to the ladies for not trampling it under the manure/mud!)
  3. Speaking of cows. I love healthy baby calves. It’s so much fun to watch them play! calf on the mountain
  4. I also love coffee. And my cats. And my husband. But not in that order.
  5. I wish we had sidewalks. Or something. We live on a “country block” – which means that it’s a 4-mile walk around our block. Three of those miles are on gravel roads. One mile is paved, but it’s a seriously main road (I mean 60+ miles an hour main road). So I don’t go walking outside. But I would if we had sidewalks.
  6. I tell myself that all the time. It’s probably true. It’s just a coincidence that the cats use the treadmill more than we do. Leo on the treadmill
  7. I like traveling. But I like coming home even more.
  8. When I do come home, I hate coming home to dirty dishes and dirty litter boxes. Dirty laundry I don’t mind so much.
  9. I watch too much TV. Our new housewarming/Christmas present doesn’t help much. Yeah. That’s a 60-inch plasma smart TV.plasma TV
  10. I am way behind in answering email. But I’m gaining every day!
  11. I am blowing my coat (my hair is shedding like crazy). It’s getting a little out of control. I need to get my thyroid levels checked.
  12. I frequently forget to take my vitamins. But I (almost) never forget to give my pets their medications.
Sadie tongue
How’s your Friday shaping up?

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