Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Crockpot fajita rice bowls

fajita rice bowl
More crockpot cooking! Have I mentioned that I am insanely in love with this cookbook?
Slow Cooking All Year Round
To make some super-yummy fajita rice bowls… brown up a pound of ground beef with a much (or as little) salt and pepper as you like. Drain if necessary. (Ours is so lean that there’s not usually much grease to drain). Add the ground beef to your waiting crockpot.
brown ground beef
Chop up one onion and one green bell pepper. Cook them in the same large skillet with some sweet-spicy marinade. You want the veggies to just be getting tender.
peppers and onions
The recipe actually called for a chipotle-lime marinade. I couldn’t find that… but I thought this sounded like it would be pretty close. It was a winner!
Toss the onion/pepper mixture into the crockpot, and add one 16-oz can of crushed tomatoes with juice, one 8-oz can of tomato sauce, and one cup of beef broth. Add more salt and pepper, if you want.
into the crockpot
Crock it up on low for 2-4 hours. The beauty here is that the meat is already cooked, and the veggies are on their way. You want it to get all good and heated through, and the flavors to start to meld.
finished fajita beef
Pop some pre-cooked rice out of your freezer and into the microwave for about a minute, and top with the fajita mixture! Serve with whatever toppings you like – sour cream, shredded cheese, tortilla chips, or warm flour tortillas… You can’t go wrong with a starting point like this!

What has been your favorite crockpot meal this winter?
fajita rice bowl
The printable recipe card:
fajita rice bowl recipe card

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