Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Scamp & Scoundrel

This was by far my favorite find when we were in Las Vegas earlier this month. Scamp & Scoundrel… a fun new jewelry store!

Scamp and Scoundrel
Farmer Doc’s favorite part was the $3 blackjack tables at the Hooter’s casino. But I’m sure I spent less money at the jewelry store than he lost spent at the casino!
I first headed over to Scamp & Scoundrel at the Miracle Mile Shops because they were having a raffle… only for women attending the American Farm Bureau Women’s Leadership Conference! Who am I to pass up the opportunity for some free jewelry?

And it’s a good thing I went… check out what I won!

gold and blue necklace
I couldn’t leave with that big prize and not buy something, so I also got this funky cocktail ring.

cocktail ring
And I did plenty of browsing while I was there… In fact, I dragged Farmer Doc back the morning before we left. So “he” could buy me some birthday presents. I picked out these cute earrings.

crystal earrings
And this matching pendant. Oh yes, that’s fun!

crystal pendant
I will say, I’m a little bummed that Scamp & Scoundrel only has stores in New Jersey and Las Vegas. And it looks like you can’t buy their jewelry online. But they’re so new, I’m hoping that will change!

Anyway, this jewelry is worth a road trip!

In the meantime, be sure to check out their website and to find them on Facebook… I’m keeping my fingers crossed that online sales are in their future… (Though Farmer Doc is definitely not!)

{This was not a sponsored post. Scamp & Scoundrel doesn’t know who I am. But I love their stuff.}

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