Friday, October 7, 2011

My new grill

Okay, it is not new. But it is definitely improved.

I've mentioned before about the troubled days my grill has seen - broken handle, busted igniter, a rusted-out heat shield...

The biggest issue was definitely the heat shield. It had rusted through, in a few spots.

rusty heat shield sm
This was a really big problem. All my steaks, burgers, and hot dogs were burning! That is not good eats. I love love love to grill, and things were really not going well.

out with the old sm
But… crisis solved!! We found a store online that sells replacement parts, and ordered a new heat shield. And it is so shiny and pretty!
in with the new sm
Replacing it was a snap – take off the grill panels, take out the old heat shield, put on the new heat shield, and replace the grates. Took all of 1.2 minutes. Easy, peasy!
ready to go sm
Now we are back up and running, with a functional grill that does not light my food on fire. Just in time for… fall?

It’s okay. Fall is perfect grilling weather! It’s not so hot that you need to duck inside to the air conditioning every couple of minutes, and it’s not so cold that you hover over the grill to stay warm. Lots of grilling for us over the next couple of months!!

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  1. Wow, I didn't realize they sold replacement parts. Thanks for the post and happy grilling!


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