Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Pampered Chef is coming! Pampered Chef is coming!

I am having a Pampered Chef party this week! I am so excited!

I am a Pampered Chef junkie.

Seriously. We registered with them for our wedding two years ago, and I haven't bought any Pampered Chef anything since then. I'm ready for my fix!

Here are a few of the things we love and use all the time around the house...

These bamboo spoons are a must-have. I use the flat one in the middle for browning ground beef all the time. Although, I do have my eye on the Mix N'Chop. I hear it is phenomenal for ground beef!

If you have ever thought "I wish I had better measuring cups" then these Easy Read Measuring Cups are the ones for you!

A close second is the Measure-All Cup. Flip it one way, and it measures liquids. Flip it the other way and it measures solids. I use this every day. Seriously. Every day.

(Note to self... When redesigning kitchen keep in mind the need for a good background for photographs...)

Pampered Chef has some seriously great knives. (The sets have changed a bit, so the link here is not quite the same as the set we have, but it's close.) We got this set for free after my bridal shower. Best. Present. Ever. Someone came to our house to demonstrate Cutco knives right after we got married. The Pampered Chef knives were better than his. Ha! 

For silicone-tipped tools, you can't beat the Chef's Tongs and the Stainless/Silicone Sauce Whisk. I'm always looking for good tools that I can use in my non-stick pans, and these are it! I'm after the Stainless/Silicone Flat Whisk next...

What is there to say about the Spoon Rest? We have two. What more do you need to know?

This is Hubby Doc's favorite - the Stainless Mixing Bowl Set. The set of three includes a 2, 4, and 6 quart bowl. They used to have an 8 quart bowl, and we got the big mamma-jamma, too. I'm not sure they still have the 8 quart. Which is too bad...

Have you guessed it? I'm so excited about the Pampered Chef party coming up this week!

Has all this Pampered Chef talk gotten you excited to get back in the kitchen? Stay tuned, because I'm having a Pampered Chef giveaway next week!!

In the meantime, if you've found something you can't live without (and who hasn't?!), you can head over to my consultant's website and place an order! (Just, pretty please with sugar on top, put in my name as the host... Search for Marybeth and you'll find me! Thanks so much!!!)

{While my Pampered Chef consultant Donna Harpe has donated the items for the giveaway, the comments and opinions expressed here are my own.}


  1. I was chatting w/Megan when her sister had a party and decided that was where all my money went pre-kids...I <3 PC, too...but I don't have ANY of those things you mentioned...maybe I need to shop some more! :)

  2. DANG! I need a spoon rest that is upright and out of the way! Love that. I will try to pop over and take a look! Hope your party is wonderful. I LOVE the stoneware and have several pieces!

  3. I used to use the flat wooden spoon for browing hamburger... until the mix and chop changed my life forever!

  4. Jane - If you don't have ANY of the things I mentioned, you are definitely missing out!!

  5. Lana - You will LOVE the spoon rest. There's no going back!

  6. Shark - I am looking forward to my own life changing experience with the mix n chop! :)


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