Monday, October 17, 2011

Cozy warm fall in my Carhartt coat!

FINALLY, the weather has started to cool down! It seems like summer has been hanging on for all it is worth!

I will admit that this is my first venture into Carhartt. And I was not disappointed! Hubby Doc has been wearing Carhartt for years. His favorite pair of coveralls is a Carhartt. They have been through lots... snow, mud, cow manure, and most recently fire (don't ask), but he still keeps on wearing them!

Ever since I received my Carhartt Sherpa sweat jacket from their women's line, I have been dying for it to get cool enough so I could wear it! (The jacket is just a little to warm to wear on those 80 degree days we have been having!)

And boy has it come in handy... (I gave Hubby Doc a little crash course in photography so he could take some pictures with my "fancy camera" to show you.)

Hubby Doc won't go to the grocery store with me, but he was there to take pictures when I got back. He even helped unload. I swear, if I don't bring home Diet Coke and cat litter every time I go to the grocery store, I forgot something!

I wore the cozy coat out in the wind to help open gates so Hubby Doc could feed hay to the cows.


I had to stick around to be sure the cows didn't get out while the gate was still open!

The jacket kept me plenty warm when I headed out in the dark to feed the calves. Those calves aren't going to feed themselves... (and we are working on "framing the photograph")

And it is just the thing to keep me cozy when we tailgate in my new truck at Purdue football games. That team is not doing so well this season, and the soft Sherpa lining at the collar is perfect when I hide my face during the awful parts of the game!

All in all, love the jacket! And I am hoping for this cooler weather to stick around so I can wear it more! To win a Carhartt of your own please visit to sign up for their giveaway!

Carhartt did provide me with this product to review, but the thoughts and opinions expressed here are my own.


  1. I hear ya on hiding your face. Can't wait for basketball season! Oye! Looks like your jacket is going to be perfect for the weather coming this week and beyond! Now I need to get into my bibs and snap some pics!

  2. I have the same jacket! I love it. Can't wait for more Carhartt products to wear soon.

  3. How cute are you in that new Carhartt?! :)

  4. hi, first time visiting ur blog, and fell in love with it straight away. 


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