Sunday, December 25, 2011

Remodel Mondays – I always hated this kitchen

This is the part I have been looking forward to the most. To be honest, this whole project started as a kitchen remodel, and exploded from there.

This was our kitchen to start with. A true galley kitchen. The dishwasher is the black appliance in the front of the picture, stove next to that, tiny counter space before the sink under the window, a little more counter space around the corner, and refrigerator wedged between the cabinets and the wall. We had so little counter and cabinet space that we added a free standing cabinet and microwave cart on the wall opposite the sink.
full 3 kitchen

We call it our “one butt kitchen” because it is hard for two people to pass each other in this tiny space.
The first thing we did was take out the appliances and bring them to the vet loft apartment where we are living now.
empty 6 kitchen
Then all the cabinets and counters came out. Those are stashed in the barn somewhere. You can see the white rectangles on the wall where I painted behind the old cabinets. (Refinishing kitchen cabinets was not a fun project…) The masking tape color was on purpose, on the backsplash area. The funny green color on the left side was behind the cabinets. Not a color I would have chosen. (Actually, that color turns up a lot in this house.)
demo kitchen 5Then came the fun part. The sledgehammer.

demo kitchen Marybeth 11I got a little bit into this project, and had a blast!

demo kitchen Marybeth 17Then I found some spiders behind the wall and was done for the day.

demo kitchen Marybeth 20But Hubby Doc assured me that he had killed the spiders, and I came back the next day to finish the job. Oh yes, I pulled out all that drywall. And every second of it was a blast!!

demo kitchen 26Then Hubby Doc came back and pulled up the sub floor and took out the ceiling. I think this kitchen has never looked better!

kitchen demo
Next week, the demolition of my home office, and how we are going to make this kitchen from a one-butt kitchen to a gorgeous cooking space!

In the meantime… Do you have a remodel project you are planning, working on, or something you did recently? Share it here!


  1. look forward to more remodeling. I did a lot in 1995 and lived in the house used sheets to separate that section out. Don't think you could live in your place

  2. Wow - you have done a lot of work - can't wait to see what it will look like when it is finished!!

    Sarah from The House That Ag Built


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