Monday, June 7, 2010

Tuesday teaser

At 4:00 pm on Friday, the pressure gauge on our well pump looked like this:

(That dial should be sitting around 60, not at 0.)

At 4:15 pm on Sunday, our backyard looked like this:

At 8:45 pm on Sunday, Sexy Sam looked like this:

And at 2:15 pm on Monday, our well pump pressure gauge still looks like this:

You want to know the whole story, don't you?  You're just dying to hear how it ends, aren't you?

So am I!  Stay tuned!

Part 1:  The well, teaser
Part 2:  Finding the well, witching water
Part 3:  Finding the well, for real this time
Part 4:  Down in the well...  90 feet down, to be exact
Part 5:  Whee!  Water again!  Success!

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