Monday, March 19, 2012

Remodel Monday – Drywall finishing

Those of you who know me offline know that I have been painting like a fiend for the last few days (over 25 hours in the last 3 days). But painting isn’t possible until the drywall is finished… So here are a few photos of how the drywall finishing went…


I had never seen one of these cool toys before. This is what they used to get the drywall tape applied to the seams between sheets of drywall.

drywall finishing 13

I’m still not entirely sure how it works… But there’s a tape dispenser, and a chamber full of drywall mud. They roll the tape across the drywall seam, and a plunger in the chamber pushes the mud out so the tape sticks to the wall or ceiling.

drywall finishing 17

Then they just roll the tape on…

drywall finishing 22

And when they get to the end they push another button and the tape is magically cut! Then someone else comes behind on stilts (and would you believe I missed that photo?!?) and finished mudding the tape line so it sticks permanently.

drywall finishing 28

Really cool. I’m sure that I need one of those toys, I’m just not sure what I need it for! But not the stilts. I don’t need the stilts. That’s why I married someone taller than me.

After a day of taping and mudding, the house looked like this. They re-mudded all the seams and screw holes 2 or 3 more times before they sanded.

drywall finishing 30

All the drywall finishing took a little over a week. We were chomping at the bit to get in and start painting. Now my arms hurt and I wish we were finished!

Check out my Facebook page this week to see the progress as we finish painting some of the rooms.


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