Thursday, March 8, 2012

A few adjustments

Hubby Doc and I have had to make some adjustments during our home remodel project. Like living in a new place, working after hours to do some of the demo and new construction ourselves (read: himself), things like that.

The cats have had to make some adjustments, as well. Mostly, their adjustments are about where they can sleep now.

Martin found a new couch to sleep on.
martin couch

Pretzel found a new window above my desk.
pretzel window
We moved Orleans’ favorite ottoman to our temporary apartment, so he didn’t have to adjust all that much.
orleans ottoman
Leo sleeps on the futon sometimes. When Martin isn’t hiding under the sheet.
Leo futon
Sometimes, when it’s cold, they need to cuddle in bed. And then I get cold and need to steal my pre-warmed sweatshirt out from under them.
cat pile 4
Sometimes the sun comes in the window just right and most of the cats get the sun in their respective corners. But don’t expect Orleans to cuddle with the others. He doesn’t do that. (Actually, it’s a bit strange to see him sharing the bed like this.)
three cats on a bed

Poor cats. It’s been so hard on them.


  1. Looks like they are adjusting to the remodel well!  Gotta love cats.

  2. They haven't had too many problems. Although Hubby Doc found Leo sleeping on the kitchen table this morning! Bad kitty!

  3. LOL, love it.  It's all about the cats isn't it?  We work to keep them in the lifestyle they've come to expect :)

  4. Too cute!  They all have their own personalities don't they? 


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