Monday, March 5, 2012

Remodel Mondays – Walls!

Things are starting to move really fast now… They drywall is hung, and that really makes it look and feel like a new house!


This is one of the new bedrooms, the one that will be my office. (I’m taking the one with two windows. The others only have one window.)

new 3 bedroom 4

The other new bedroom… so pretty, with a great big closet!

new 2 bedroom 3

The master bedroom… If anything, the drywall made this room look even bigger!

master bedroom 13

All the bathrooms and the laundry room are done in this dark green drywall. This is supposed to be resistant to moisture. I’m a bit worried about painting over the dark green…

master bathroom 5

My new, giant kitchen… so pretty with the walls and ceilings covered!

new kitchen 13

This is another part of the kitchen. The refrigerator and some cabinets will go in that little alcove, and the hallway to the right goes to the rest of the house (sliding glass door to the porch on the right, door to a half bathroom straight ahead).

new kitchen 14

This week, they will be taping and finishing the drywall, so we’ll be painting this time next week. (I’ve got all my colors picked out – we’re going with a gray/blue/green color palette through most of the house.) The siding is also going on right now, so there will be lots of new stuff next week!

The end is getting close… I told our contractors that I want to be sleeping in the house by my birthday – the middle of April. Deadline!!

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  1. You're getting close!!!  How fun!


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