Tuesday, March 6, 2012

My other problem

Not too long ago, I wrote about this little problem I have with ChapStick.

I have a similar problem with Diet Coke.
diet coke

Don’t get me wrong… I don’t always keep one in my purse and my pocket, like I do with my ChapStick. But I drink Diet Cokes. A lot. We buy them by the 24-pack, and that doesn’t last long enough.

And they make me happy.

I used to drink 6-8 cans a day. Now I’m down to 2-3. Most days.

But I gave them up. For now. For Lent. (Actually, I gave up all soft drinks. But not caffeine. That would be crazy.)

And sometimes I question my decision.

Like on days like Tuesday (today)… when I got up before 5:00am to drive to Indianapolis for an all day workshop with some of my blogging friends.

I love my blogging friends, and I am excited for this workshop. But I’m going to be tired. And that little caffeine boost would be more than welcome. Sigh.

Looks like I’ll have to switch to coffee instead!


  1. You are stronger than me.  Diet Coke is my one vice.  But, I come from a family of recovering alcoholics, so if I have to have an addiction, this isn't so bad . . . right?  Good Luck!!

  2. What were you thinking?  Couldn't you give up something....anything... else instead of your diet coke?  So when I see you the end of the week what will your mood be?  Should I bring some tea or something with me?  (Did you really get up at 5 am? Amazing!)

  3. Ha ha - actually, I got up at 4:45am (Central time). It sucked. I drank half a pot of coffee in the car. ;)

  4. I miss my mid-afternoon caffeine kick most of all!

  5. I think your doing a great job with the "giving up" diet coke for now! Just stick with it!

    Hope you had a good time with the ladies!


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