Monday, July 16, 2012

2012 Gibson County Fair

Last week was our county fair, and as always it was a crazy week! Farmer Doc is on the Fair Board, and he spends the entire week on the grounds. Like last year, the board asked me to take pictures of some of the events, so I spent a bunch of time at the fair, too.

The fair opened Sunday night with hog wrestling. It had rained earlier that day (yay!) so the crowd wasn’t that great, but the mud was just right!

hog wrestling

The 4-H animals were there most of the week. Thankfully the 105 degree heat broke with the rain on Sunday, so they didn’t have too hard of a time in the heat.

4H sheep

Some of the bunnies even made new friends.

4H rabbits

There was an antique tractor pull, as well as a truck pull and a “new” tractor pull. I only managed to make the antique pull, but I could hear the other pulls across the grounds! Those pulling trucks and tractors sure make a lot of noise!

antique tractor pull

There were two nights of motocross – first the quads and then the bikes.

motocross quads

motocross bikes

It’s possible that one of the board member’s golf carts went through the motocross course after hours. It's also possible that one of those guys is my husband.

motocross golf cart2

Friday night of the fair was a record-setting crowd!

concert crowd

And they were all there to see radio star Uncle Dave! Well… okay… maybe Uncle Dave wasn’t really the reason all these people came out on Friday night. He’s on stage with one of the local Toyota executives to introduce the big act of the night.

uncle dave

Who was the big act? I’ll admit… I didn’t know who this guy is. I still don’t, not really. It’s not exactly my type of music. But he did put on a pretty good show, I’m told.

Hunter Hayes

Yep, Hunter Hayes. I wasn’t all that into the concert, but I did have fun working security afterwards. There were lots of young women who wanted to get backstage to meet him… and they weren’t shy about trying to get there!

And the fair food… how could I forget the fair food? I don’t have any pictures of fair food this year – I was too busy eating it! But I am looking forward to getting off the fried stuff and back into a little more healthy eating this week. It’s good for a little while… but only for a little while…

Now the fair is over, and it’s back to “real life” around here. Just in time for some more travel for me!


  1. No I don't think they were there to see me...LOL Like the expression on Kelly Dillon's face, must have been when I told her she looked hot!

  2. Ha ha! I wasn’t sure if you were talking about her or the weather! Overall, it was a great fair week!

  3. Glad you had fun. I love that you taking photos means I don't have to be 6 places at once, and announcing a tractor pull all at the same time.


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