Monday, July 2, 2012

Remodel Mondays – Before and after

The official remodel project is finished. (Just ask the bank and our insurance company.) I’m still working on the “minor” things, like curtains, and door mats, and where the stuff should go on the wall, and really where the furniture should end up.

The change from the old house to the new really is pretty dramatic. Let’s take a tour!
You’ve already seen most of the new house, like my new office and the master bedroom. Maybe when I get things organized the way I really want, I’ll show off my closets. For now, the closets are holding all of the “I don’t know what to do with this yet” stuff. Not pretty.

And speaking of not pretty, here was my office in the old house. This room was originally a garage that was made part of the house before we bought it. We pulled up the carpet and installed laminate flooring, but never did anything about the paneling on the walls. (ick) Because it was a garage, it was sunken down 3 steps from the rest of the before

We raised the floor up to match the rest of the house, and made this part of our eat-in kitchen!office after
This was my wall of shelves. Way too much stuff crammed in here. And frankly, not pretty.
office shelves before
Now this wall holds our china cabinet, a bulletin board for important paperwork (you know, like checks and coupons), and our pretty new refrigerator.
office shelves after
This project started off as a kitchen remodel. And what a kitchen remodel it was! The old galley kitchen was crowded and cramped, with barely any functional counter space.
kitchen before
Ta da! My dream kitchen! Need I say more?
kitchen after
From the old kitchen, the space used to open up into what we used as a dining room.
dining room before
We extended the wall to the left of the original photo (that wall used to have a pantry, now it has basement stairs and a pantry). We also pushed back the wall with the picture hanging on it in the original photo, and put in sliding glass doors to the new porch and a half bathroom.
dining room after
This was the other side of the dining room. This held the china cabinet and a small dresser for some extra storage.
dining room wall before
The space where the dresser was sitting is now inside the pantry, and we made the arch into the living room bigger.
dining room wall after
This was the living room. And, wow, as I’m looking at this picture now, this was a bad room!
living room before
We took out the fireplace and moved that entire wall back a few feet, and made the window a little bigger. We did salvage the original hardwood floors in the room. Then with the bigger footprint, we rearranged the furniture.
living room after
This used to be our master bedroom. I am amazed at how tiny it looks now!
green bedroom before
This room really didn’t change very much. We kept it as a guest bedroom. (And even put the same ceiling fan back in here – don’t tell anyone!) We also salvaged the original hardwood floors in this room. The biggest change was the closet.
green bedroom after
This closet used to open directly into the other bedroom. We ended up using the second bedroom as our clothes storage and using the “closet” as a pass-through to the other room. Bad, bad, bad use of space.
bedroom closet before
So we closed off the other “entrance” to the closet, and made it actually useful.
bedroom closet after
This was the guest bedroom. We put in these wardrobes for our clothes, since we had minimal storage in our actual bedroom, and a non-functional closet.
blue bedroom before
Now, this is my laundry room. A much better use of space!
blue bedroom after
This used to be the only bathroom in our house. Functional, but small. And cramped. And small.
bathroom before
Now? Well, now it’s a wall. Actually, the space you can see in the original photo is now a half bathroom, but we moved the door. So the same view in the new house is just a wall. Sorry, that’s pretty boring.
bathroom after
Shall I leave you with my favorite thing about the new house?
kitchen after

Yeah, you knew that was coming.


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE that you are getting everything in its place and making it all homey! Great job!

  2. Love the before and after pics! Looks great! :)

  3. We were surprised at how different the before and after look... When you’re in it every day, the changes seem much more gradual!

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