Friday, August 17, 2012

Martin goes to college

Every once in a while, Martin gets mail. But it’s not often that he gets a diploma!

Martin gets mail

Okay, on closer inspection, it’s not exactly a diploma. It’s a recruitment letter for an online college. Stratford Career Institute.

Martins diploma

Martin can get his diploma at home in his spare time.

diploma at home

He needs a hobby. This is what he mostly does with his spare time.

spare time

Martin can get more respect if he goes to SCI!

more respect

He definitely doesn’t get much respect around here. (I wonder why?)

no respect for Martin

And if none of that had convinced me to pay for college for Martin… I can get a great deal if I enroll him online!

big savings

What do you think – should Martin go to college? What should he major in?


  1. Martin should go and major either in reflexology or sleep studies :-)

  2. I love that he's still getting mail. I remember when he first signed up for information on a vet tech program. I believe he wanted to spend more time with John.

  3. Hmmm... He’s got the kneading instinct down for reflexology, but he did bite my toe in the middle of the night last night. Perhaps that’s not the best major. He already has an honorary PhD in sleep studies from Martin University (yes, it is named after him). Any other ideas?

  4. SCI does have a veterinary assistant program. But I don’t think he’s quite outgoing enough for that type of job. He’s just going to have to keep thinking about it some more until he figures out what his calling is!


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