Monday, August 13, 2012

San Diego

Last week Farmer Doc and I headed out to San Diego. Before you get too jealous of our 4 days in perfect weather with gorgeous scenery, let me tell you that it was mostly a work trip. We went out for the American Veterinary Medical Association, and Farmer Doc had some work to do with the Future Leaders Program.

But we did have some good times while we were there!

The opening session for the conference featured Joan Embery as the speaker. She brought all her friends.



What an amazing cat. Apparently the dog, Bear, travels with the cheetah to help keep her calm. He’s her buddy.

We had a little bit of free time and walked a few blocks from the convention center to see the San Diego Bay and the Coronado Bridge. The weather could not have been more perfect, and the views were beautiful. I love that salty sea air!

Coronado bridge

We also took a Seal Tour of the bay – we went out on a duck boat and got to see some of the “local” wildlife. There were a few spots where the pelicans hung out together.


And a few spots for the sea lions to sun themselves. They are loud, and smelly. For as big and bulky as they look, they are remarkably graceful when they get in and out of the water. Hopping around on the dock, not so much.

what are we looking at

This pelican is telling his friend how big the fish he almost caught was. Too bad it got away.

it was this big

We saw tug boats moving this naval ship around. Apparently they call the tug boats “sea tractors.” Now Farmer Doc thinks he needs a sea tractor.

sea tractors at work

I reminded him that first we need some sea in Indiana.

I do wish we had some sea in Indiana… I miss the ocean already!

Oh, and for the work stuff? Check out the article on the Princeton Veterinary Hospital website later this week. I swear, we were working, too!

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