Friday, August 3, 2012

The cats’ favorite toys

We have no shortage of cats around here. Which means that we also have no shortage of cat toys. There is definitely one type of toy that has emerged as the favorite.

It’s a squirrel. They love this toy so much, we have two of them. And for some reason, our bed is the favorite place to put the toys.

two squirrel toys

This is the Kong refillable catnip cat toy squirrel. And boy, it is a hit. We also have a frog, a duckie, and something that looks sort of like a hamster. I don’t think they make the hamster anymore. But the squirrel is far and away the favorite. I think it has something to do with the bushy tail.

All the cats love the squirrel. They take naps with it. They carry it all over the house. And they yell at the top of their lungs when they carry it around.

“I’ve got the squirrel! I’ve got the squirrel! Hey, everybody, look! I’ve got the squirrel!”

cat nap with toys

We’ve had to start picking up the squirrels at night and putting them away, because they started shouting “Wake up! I’ve got the squirrel!” at 2:00 in the morning.

That doesn’t fly with me.

And it’s not just about the catnip. We’ve had this toy for years, and haven’t added any new catnip for probably 3 years. They don’t care. It’s still awesome. Old catnip and all.

And then I did something silly. I was picking up cat litter, and stumbled on this in the cat aisle. This squirrel is about half the size of the favorite squirrel. But it squeaks. Which is fun. Maybe. There were other critter options, but I decided to stick with what I know already works.

squeaking squirrel

The cats took right to the squeaky squirrel. It was much fun. Leo really enjoyed it. Poor guy, it’s not his fault that he’s 16 years old and doesn’t have many teeth left! (If you’re reading this on email, you’ll need to click through to the website to see the video.)

Then Martin found it. He staked his claim.

my squeaking squirrel

And I think it quickly became his new favorite. He brought it to the bed.

By the next day, I was starting to regret buying the squeaky squirrel. Sure, the cats are having a blast with it. But it was starting to get annoying. squeak-squeak-squeak as the background music to my day.

And then the noise stopped.

I think the squeaky squirrel has been lost.

I did go looking for it. I got down on the floor with a flashlight to look under the furniture. I even pulled out the refrigerator.

And no squeaky squirrel.

I’m sure it will turn up one day. Probably around 2:00am. In bed. With a big announcement of “I found the squirrel! Wake up! I found it!”

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  1. Haha..too funny. :) Love the picture of Martin sprawled on your's a beautiful picture of Martin AND the shiny floors! :) Could be a commercial photo.

  2. Sometimes they are in the mood to cooperate and be photogenic... other times... not so much... ;)


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