Monday, August 6, 2012

5 kitchen gadgets I can’t live without

We’re finally settled into our new house. And I’m pretty well settled in the kitchen. I’m still moving things around now and then as I try to figure out the best places. It’s a work in progress.

The point is, after all the moving, building, and traveling we’ve been doing lately, I’m finally getting back into the swing of cooking. Most nights. And I’m rediscovering some of my absolute favorite kitchen gadgets.

1. You’ve met this guy before. He’s an OXO egg slicer and chopper. First, he gently cradles the egg.

oxo egg slicer
With one pass, he makes beautiful round slices.

one slice

Twist the base, and press again for chopped egg ready for egg salad. (You can make oval slices if you start in this position.)

two slices

He rocks my world.

2. I love these Measure-All Cups from Pampered Chef. This is the 2-cup version, and it also comes in a 1-cup size. I use this guy for everything. He’s especially handy for my cereal in the morning – dry side up for cereal, a quick flip and liquid side up for milk. No muss, no fuss! (But only if you use the dry side first...)

measuring cup

3. The Pampered Chef Mix ‘N Chop. Seriously. I don’t know why I waited so long to get one of these! It takes my pound and a half of ground pork from looking like this unappetizing mess…

sausage before mix n chop

To this chunked up beautiful skillet of ground meat in no time flat! (Really. Less than 30 seconds. I timed it.)

The Mix ‘N Chop is great for getting really finely chopped ground meats for tacos and spaghetti sauce.

sausage after mix n chop

(Have you noticed a theme? Just wait… it continues. I’m a little bit addicted.)

4. The Pampered Chef garlic press. I use him all the time. I love garlic, and it goes in just about everything in my house. I used to buy the jarred pre-minced garlic because that was easier than mincing my own fresh garlic. I will never go back!

garlic press

Here he is in action – beautifully pressed garlic, just right for mixing into dinner!

garlic press in action

(Sidebar… Is it weird that I use male pronouns when I’m talking about my kitchen gadgets…?)

5. Last but not least, the Pampered Chef serrated peeler. It has a thick, non-slip handle which makes it super-easy to hold on to. The serrated blade makes quick work of peeling absolutely anything you might want to peel. Again, I’ll never go back to a boring non-serrated peeler!

serrated peeler

Oh, Pampered Chef, how you have spoiled pampered me! What did women do before you existed?

{Affiliate links were used in this post. And I’m hosting a Pampered Chef catalog party, which is where all these Pampered Chef links go. How else am I going to support my addiction fill up my kitchen?}


  1. The next step is to replace your baking sheets with restaurant quality baking sheets. They don't warp in the oven.

  2. I use stoneware for most of my baking, so the baking sheets don’t bug me that much. But, you’re right... someday...


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