Friday, January 25, 2013


A couple of weeks ago, Farmer Doc and I went to Nashville, Tennessee. We headed south for the American Farm Bureau National Convention. The convention was held in the Gaylord Opryland Hotel, which was just as amazing as you have heard!

Opryland at night1
Seriously. I could have spent the entire 3 days just wandering around with my camera. As it was, we were so busy that I only had a few minutes at night to play. While this hotel is amazing during the day, there is just something about it at night that makes it feel like a completely different place.

Opryland at night2
Really, we were there to work. We had this convention to attend, after all! And John and I were competing in the National Young Farmers & Ranchers Excellence in Ag Award!

After a very stressful two days of waiting, presentations, waiting, lectures, and more waiting, Farmer Doc and I found out that we were one of the Top 10 in the country for this award! We were so excited! We had an incredible amount of support from everyone who was there from the Indiana Farm Bureau, and we know that played a role in our success. So, big thanks to everyone from Indiana who was there to cheer us on, and to everyone at home who supported us in spirit!

Opryland at night3
For us, our trip to Nashville would not be complete without a visit to Financial Peace Plaza, home of the Dave Ramsey Show.

Dave studio
We spent the afternoon hanging out in the lobby. We listened to some of Dave’s live radio show. (It was kind of funny to watch a radio show. And to see the host talk with his hands. I can completely relate, I just got a kick out of it.)

Dave on air
We had a chance to meet Dave during one of his breaks.

with Dave Ramsey
And we spent a lot of time with Martha, the coffee queen.

with Martha
This was just the break we needed after a couple of busy, stressful days. It was so relaxing to just kick back and relax, enjoy a cookie and a freshly-ground cup of coffee, and listen to Dave tell people to sell their car. We got to meet a few new people who stopped in to meet Dave, and we even ran into someone we knew from Indiana hanging out there.

All in all, it was a great trip. We really enjoyed our time in Nashville, and our chance to compete in the Excellence in Ag award.

Opryland at night5
I just wish I had had some more time to just hang out in the hotel! I could seriously go back and spend a full day there just with my camera.

Opryland at night4
Hmmm… It actually takes less time for us to drive to Nashville than it does for us to drive to Indianapolis. I think we’ve got a road trip in our future!

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  1. Thank you. We have a blast with the Indiana Young Farmers! (Just got back from our annual YF Leadership Conference, in fact!) It's a great group to be involved in, and we definitely get out as much as we put in. I hope the KS conference went well for you!


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