Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Slow-cooker hearty meatball stew

hearty slow-cooker meatball stew
I love my slow-cooker in the winter. And Gooseberry Patch’s new cookbook “Slow Cooking All Year ‘Round” has just the recipes I’m looking for this time of year! This was just one of the easy (and yummy!) recipes I tried from this cookbook. The hearty meatball stew is easy to put together, and is great comfort food for these cold nights!
Slow Cooking All Year Round
This is so easy to put together – all you do is layer! Start with 1 pound of cubed new potatoes.
new potatoes
Add 1 pound of baby carrots. (Mine had been sitting around for a little while. These are perfect for slow-cooking!)
baby carrots
Top with one sliced onion.
sliced onions
Add some mushrooms here, or other veggies if you want. Then toss in one pound of frozen meatballs.
Add a jar of beef gravy.
beef gravy
And a can of Italian-seasoned diced tomatoes.
diced tomatoes
Top it off with 3-1/4 cups of water, and as much (or as little) pepper as you like.
black pepper
Cover it up up, and cook on low for 8-10 hours. No stirring!
cook on low
About an hour before serving, add a can of corn (drained). Give it all a big stir here to mix everything up.
add corn
So warm… so good….
finished meatball stew
Serve as is, or with a big hunk of crusty bread, or some thick noodles. Ta da!
hearty slow-cooker meatball stew
Here’s a printable recipe card for you:
hearty meatball stew recipe card
It really is that easy! Enjoy!

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  1. This looks so good!! I'm going to have to try it. I love all the colors, as cheesy as it sounds, I feel healthier when I have a lot of different colors on my plate (because usually that means a variety of fruits/veggies) lol

  2. Great job making me hungry :-)


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