Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The basement is finished!

Well, sort of.

Last we knew, the basement had been flooded,

all the stuff had been taken to the garage,

and the basement had dried out.

We were working on cleaning and scraping the walls of the basement so we could repaint.

I am happy to report that we have finished!

We washed and scraped and washed and scraped and washed again.  Somewhere in there we sprayed everything down with bleach.  We also washed and painted the floor.  And here is what we finally got!

The walls and floor are clean and beautiful.

We built lots of shelves so all the stuff from the garage could be nicely stored in the basement.

Well, it's getting there...

The most important thing is that all the stuff got taken out of the garage, including the two tractors that were hiding in the back!

And now, that garage fits not just one...

Not just two...

But three vehicles!  Including my husband's long bed, extended cab pick up!

Now we're talking!

If only the basement would sort and organize itself...

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