Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Finding the well

11:15 am Sunday

Sunday morning, John's Uncle Paul came over to help us dig.  So we tried again, and dug a new hole.  Two shovels are better than one!  We picked this spot by running a wire through the pipes from the inside of the house.  The wire hit a "wall," and we marked this spot on the wire.  Took the wire outside, measured from the back of the house straight out into the backyard, and started digging.  Again.

The ground was ridiculously hard, so John busted out the almost-brand-new pick for the project.

The hole got pretty deep, so they switched to a post-hole digger to help with the job.

1:30 pm Sunday

Huh.  This hole looks deep.  And empty.  No well here...

4:15 pm Sunday

By this time, Paul had to leave for work.  John's cousin Sexy Sam and our friend Derek came to help.  That's John and Sam digging.  Derek is drinking a beer.

7:40 pm Sunday

Since we had no luck yet, we went back to re-measure the wire in the line.

While John was playing with the wire, Sam and Derek realized that they could hear the wire rattling in the pipes.

Apparently, the farther underground your head, the better the sound.

8:50 pm Sunday

A bit later, Paul came back, with his trusty locator.  This snazzy device is made for finding things that don't want to be found.  (Why didn't we get this earlier?)  You stick a wire through the end of the pipe you can find.  (Check.)  Then you run a current through the wire.  Above ground, you wave this yellow contraption around, and it beeps when it locates the current.  The beeping changes volume and pitch based on where it is in relation to the current.

8:55 pm Sunday

With a combination of high-tech locating, and low-tech rattling, the guys picked another spot.  And dug into the night.

Wait!  What's that?!  At the bottom of the hole!?  Is that the well?!

Yay!  It is the well!  Well, almost, anyway.  There's part of a bucket turned upside down over the well.

And now, at 9:26 pm central time, Sunday night, I would like to introduce you to...   Our well!

Hmmm.  Now that we've found it, I wonder what's wrong with it?

Part 1:  The well, teaser
Part 2:  Finding the well, witching water
Part 3:  Finding the well, for real this time
Part 4:  Down in the well...  90 feet down, to be exact
Part 5:  Whee!  Water again!  Success!

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