Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Furniture protector

We bought a plain old king-size white sheet at WalMart a few years ago, and it has had several uses. We originally bought it for a Halloween costume. (Can you guess for what? Hubby Doc was a ghost.)

Then we used it as a drop-cloth to cover a bed in the basement we rarely used to keep the cat hair off the bed.

Now it’s used as a drop-cloth to keep the cat hair off a black futon. I also stuck some pillows and extra blankets under the sheet for “safe-keeping.”

covered futon

But I’m having a problem. Martin seems to think the sheet/ghost/drop cloth is there to be his personal blanket.

He crawls under the protective sheet and sleeps on the extra blankets. I’m sure it’s comfy. There’s a down comforter under there.

I think it’s pretty creepy to see him staring at me out of the eye holes.

peeking Martin

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