Friday, June 22, 2012

My little office helpers

I’m lucky to have some “helpers” who hang out with me in my home office all day long. Some are more helpful than others.
First, there’s Orleans. He’s pretty happy hanging out on top of what has become “his box.” (He’s going to be mad at me if I get around to unpacking it!)Orleans

Then there’s Pretzel. She’s pretty chill on “her box” on the other side of the room. I wonder if I should unpack that one, too?Pretzel
And Martin. He’s so helpful that he takes a nap on my desk behind my computer.Martin on the desk
But he’s sneaky, you have to be careful. Every time I get up to refill my coffee cup or to go to the bathroom (because, let’s face it, that’s what happens after enough coffee refills), he sneaks off my desk and onto my chair! In just a few seconds he looks like he’s been there all morning. And he doesn’t want to leave!Martin on the chair
Wait a minute… there’s supposed to be four cats here… Where is Leo?wheres leo
Hm… I think I might have an idea…getting closer
“Go away – I’m sleeping!”leo in bed
Sheesh, I thought I was grumpy in the mornings! Someone tell Leo it’s almost lunch time, and his alarm went off hours ago!


  1. Your cat's crack me up.  Mine has been setting on all of my quilting projects as I'm trying to quilt them... or walking in front of the machine when I try to use it.

  2. That sounds about right – always in the way!

    Marybeth Feutz





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