Friday, June 8, 2012

My dog has too much fur

Sadie is part Husky. She is incredibly fuzzy.

sadie on the porch

We had a small porch on our old house, and Sadie never came up the steps. I’m not sure she knew how. And she has bad hips (she’s around 12 years old), so it was hard for her to climb steps. Now she’s on arthritis medication every day (and feeling great!). And Buddy came over not too long ago. He taught her how to climb steps.

I’m not sure how I feel about that. She spends a lot of time on the porch now. She likes to watch the inside cats through the sliding glass door.

Anyway, Sadie has always been a late shedder. She usually keeps her thick Husky coat well into June, and sometimes into July. I always feel sorry for this big, black, fuzzy dog in the heat. (She had a really rough time when we had some 90 degree weather a few weeks ago!)

sadie is shedding

She’s not pretty when she sheds. She sheds in thick patches. I swear, if you were careful enough, you could almost peel the fur off her in one big dog-shaped piece.

But she doesn’t like it much. She’ll let me gently pull the loose hair off or brush her for just a few minutes before she starts to bark like I’m killing her. So much for tough Husky. She’s pretty much a wimp.

She came to visit me on the porch the other night, and let me get after her with the FURminator. If you have never heard of a FURminator, and you have pets, you are missing out. Big time. Every animal I have tried this brush on loves it. It is amazing for getting off all the loose fur, especially the undercoat during shedding season. It works great for getting the furballs off Orleans, and he doesn’t even mind too much!

Sadie only let me brush her for a few minutes, but we made good progress! And then there was dog fur all over my pretty porch.

sadie is shedding on my porch

She still has a long way to go, but she is getting there!

sadie has a long way to go

Poor Sadie… It’s hot being a Husky mix in the summer!


  1. Is she a hybrid? Mine sheds just the same way...thick patches of heavy hair. I can just sit there and pull out in clumps.Mine is a wimp too.  Lakota ( and her son Nanook who we still have.The hair is unbelievable..I can totally relate. Never got carpeting because I didn't want the shedding hair to stick in the carpet. Wood floors is easier. Beautiful doggie too.

  2. We used to take a shop vac to our Akita in the late spring. He (Fugi) loved it! Though I'm convinced he was def... 

  3. She's part Husky, part mutt, we're really not sure what else she's made of. She lives outside, so we don't have to worry about her hair inside, we leave that to the four indoor cats! Our new house doesn't have a stitch of carpeting just so we can keep on top of their hair! Your dogs are beautiful!

  4. Ha, we can take a dust buster to one of our cats, but no one else will let us get close!


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