Monday, June 11, 2012

Remodel Mondays – Home office

The new house has been fabulous. It has been a lot of work to move back in and get everything settled, but I’ve been loving the job.

The first rooms we really moved into were the kitchen, the master bedroom, and my home office. My office is on the front corner of the new addition. It is the only “bedroom” on the front of the house with two windows. And it gets a great cross breeze!
office during 01
I used to have two not-so-great filing cabinets in my old office. I purged a lot of paperwork, and got things down to a manageable single filing cabinet. We sanded and spray painted one of the old filing cabinets to give it a face-lift. That was a harder job than I thought it would be…
office during 02
I started doing the file cabinet project outside on a day that was really too windy for spray painting. So I ended up with a zebra-striped file cabinet, and then it was a bit of a challenge to cover the stripes up so it looked decent. Farmer Doc helped with the last round, and five cans of spray paint later, we were in business!
And then I stuck it in the corner so you can’t see the back or the side that looks the worst. Creative decorating!
My printer lives on top of the file cabinet, because otherwise the cats will live on top of the printer. I have plenty of printer cable to reach my laptop on the desk on the other side of the window, but I need to get some hooks to keep the cord a little closer to the wall and out of the way. I am still so hesitant to stick anything on my new pretty walls!
I think my favorite part of the new office is the closet. Big closet, lots of shelves, lots of space! It’s a little disheveled and spread out right now, but it is so much better than the piles of stuff I used to have sitting around!
office during 04
(Don’t mind the cat litter box… it’s not cat litter, it’s gently used file folders… and it’s only temporary.)
Next week? The master bedroom!

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  1. Looks great. Invest in a wireless printer. And no cords. If you have a smart phone or iPad wireless printer is great and they are not the expensive. Love the closet.


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