Monday, June 18, 2012

Remodel Mondays – Master bedroom

The master bedroom was one of the first rooms we put together. It still needs a few decorating touches, but it’s getting close.

Remodel Mondays badge
I love the blue accent wall against the soft gray of the other walls. Would you believe this is a queen-size bed? This room is so big it dwarfs our large furniture.

master bedroom accent wall

We didn’t start out to build a ginormous master suite. But we wanted to keep with the original roof lines, and with the angles of the hip-and-ridge roof, we needed to make this part of the addition bigger than we originally planned.

This bookshelf is five feet long… and it looks just tiny!

I still haven’t decided on where to hang much on the walls.

master bedroom bookcase
I’m thinking about hanging this above the bookshelf. I like the colors against the gray wall, but I think it might be a little too tall for this space. I’m still working on it…

masks batik
This bedroom suit took up every last bit of our floor space in our old bedroom. Now it looks tiny!

master bedroom furniture
This is our sitting area. To be honest, it hasn’t been used much, but it will get there. I got this furniture when I first moved to Lafayette. It fits here, more or less, but the taupe sort of blends with the gray walls. Maybe I need some funky throw pillows to put here?

sitting room
I may hang this print of a dairy calf may above the couch in a few days. Then maybe I can find some throw pillows in the pink and blue tones for the couch?

calf print
The good news is that the big projects are finished, and we are happy in our new house. The bad news is that now I’m down to the decorating parts… and most of the rooms don’t quite feel finished without those last details.

Next time? I have no idea. It depends on what I get done this week. It’s looking like Remodel Mondays are wrapping up!


  1. Meggie@Hoosier Farm BabeJune 18, 2012 at 1:20 PM

    That bedroom is so big I think you could throw a dance party in there! LOL!

  2. It's bigger than places where I HAVE thrown dance parties before!

  3. The cow picture, some throw pillows and maybe a curtain would really dress the area up and not make the couch blend so much into the walls.  Wish my furniture dwarfed my bedroom!  

  4. Oof, curtains... yes, those are on my list, too...

    Marybeth Feutz





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